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Wednesday, 12 August 2015 10:21

Youth News August 2015

Written by

In the August 2015 issue (Volume 4, Issue 1) of the Youth Ministry Newsletter you can read how our diocesan youth topped the performances at the Highlands Regional Youth Rally; an inspiring witness of a young man's journey "from street to Home"; a message from Bishop Don and many other interesting articles.

Just click on the link below.  (You may have to wait a minute or so for the Newsletter to download.)


Youth Newsletter August 2015

Thursday, 02 July 2015 03:40

List of Catholic Schools

Written by

The Catholic Diocese of Mendi operates a system of schools throughout the Southern Highlands Province and Hela Province.

The following is a listing of the schools by location:

Special Education Resource Center

 Callan Services Mendi 

Vocational Center

 St Monica     Rotianda (Sugu) 

Secondary School

 Saint Joseph Secondary School Tari 

Primary Schools

Name of School

Parish / Pastoral Area

Ialibu Ialibu
Muli Kewabi
Yate Kewabi
Wiliame Wiliame
Kagua Kagua
Mapenda Kuare
Rotianda Sugu
Sumi Sumi
Komakul Imbongu
Orei Imbongu
Tukupangi Imbongu
Yebi Lower Mendi
Una Lower Mendi
Kumin Cathedral
Injed Karinj
Mogol Upper Mendi
Det Det
Hupa Pomberel
Soi Nipa
Songura Margarima
Homaria Margarima
Waip Margarima
Tengo Margarima
Tigibi Hulia
Komo Komo
Tukupawi Irawi
Kuluanda Tari
Pureni Pureni
Koroba Koroba

Elementary Schools

Name of School

Parish / Pastoral Area

Yate Kewabi
Payama Wiliame
Mapenda Kuare
Mambore Sugu
Sumi Sumi
Komakul Imbongu
Pingi Imbongu
Rund Lower Mendi
Una Lower Mendi
North Kagua Cathedral
Injed 1 Karinj
Tente 1 Tente
Walumesa Det
Soi Nipa
Mala Nipa
Sumi Sumi
Homaria Margarima
Tuja Margarima
Waip Margarima
Tengo 2 Margarima
Wayane Hulia
Komo Komo
Para Komo
Hapono Irawi
Kapiagote Pureni
Taguanete Pureni
Tambuga Pureni
Tangimapu Pureni
Tumbite Pureni
Koroba Koroba
Mulis Koroba
Gambili Koroba
Kuranda Koroba
Thursday, 02 July 2015 03:30

Catholic Religious Education

Written by

The Catholic Religious Education coordinator assists the Catholic Educaiton Secretary to ensure the Catholic identity of schools operated by the Catholic Education Agency.  The Catholic Religious Education Coordinator ensures that appropriate materials are in the hands of the teachers for the teaching of religious education in schools run by the Catholic Agency. ... ... ... ..

Thursday, 02 July 2015 01:14

Community Health Workers Training School (CHW)

Written by

The Diocese of Mendi operates the Mother of the Divine Shepherd Community Health Workers Training School.  The CHW Trainiing School is located in Mendi.  The mission of the CHW Training School is to prepare qualified health care professionals to serve in the ministry of health care in various health care facilities operated by the diocese, and beyond.

Oversight and guidance for the CHW Training School is provided by the Board of Directors...

Thursday, 02 July 2015 01:06

Catholic Health Care Facilities

Written by

The Diocese of Mendi operates a number of Health Care facilities throughout the Southern Highlands Province and Hela Province.  The following is a listing of these facilities.

Health Centers

Southern Highlands Province:  Det, Tamanda, Wiliame, Yepi
Hela Province:  Pureni, Hiwanda

Aid Posts

Southern Highlands Province:  Karanda, Kema, Mapenda, Tiri, Waip, Kos, Tugiri (Lake Kutubu)
Hela Province:  Topani

Stand Alone VCT Centres:

Southern Highlands Province:  Pangia (St Felix)
Hela Province:  Kupari (St Francis), Lake Kopiago (St Mary)

Day Clinic:

Hela Province:  St Joseph Tari Secondary School

Urban Clinic

Southern Highland Province:  Epeanda (Mendi)

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 11:13

Catholic Education

Written by

During His public ministry, Jesus was often called 'Teacher'.  He spent long hours teaching the people about the meaning and goal of human life.  He taught them by word and example of His Father's love for them.

Following the example of Jesus, the Catholic Education Secretariat of the Diocese of Mendi carries on the teaching mission of Jesus through a system of elementary, primary and secondary schools. The Catholic Education Secretariat fits into the diocesan priority of evangelization.

Catholic Education Secretariat

The Catholic Education Secretariat is coordinated by the Catholic Education Secretary and is overseen by the Diocesan Education Board.  The Catholic Education Secretary works to insure the Catholic identity in schools operated by the Catholic Agency; helps with teacher postings in Catholic Agency schools and works to ensure excellence in academics and administration of schools within the Catholic Education Agency. ...

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 10:46

Catholic Health Services

Written by

When he walked this earth, the Lord Jesus Christ showed compassion for those who were sick and afflicted in any way.  His care for them was a sign of the nearness of the Kingdom of God.  Following the example of the Lord, Catholic Health Services of the Diocese of Mendi strives to show the same compassion and care for all the sick and suffering people who come to our doors...

Catholic Health Services is overseen by the Diocesan Health Board.

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 00:58


Written by

Evangelizing the youth and inviting them to encounter the person of Jesus Christ and to a fuller participation in the church is a high priority for the Diocese of Mendi.  Youth Ministry in the diocese is organized by the Diocesan Youth Coordinator.  Each of the three deaneries also has a Youth Coordinator; and each parish has a youth leader who is responsible for gathering the youth and leading them in formation and other activities.  Following is the contact information for the Diocesas Youth Coordinator:

Fr Nelson Mathew
Diocesan Youth Coordinator


+675 7374 1073
+675 7206 1749

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tuesday, 30 June 2015 22:44

Child Protection

Written by

The protection of children and other vulnerable people is one of the major priorities of the Diocese of Mendi.  Two secretariats share responsibility for implementing this priority: Caritas and Family Life.  They do so, in collaboration with the National Catholic Office of Child Protection.  Child Protection volunteers are trained in each parish, who give awareness to all parishioners of the necessity of protecting our children.  Diocesan efforts at the protection of children support the Lukautim Pikinini Act and follow the protocols established by the Catholic Bishops' Conference.

In a related way, the Diocese of Mendi fully embraces the Right Relations protocols established by the Catholic Bishops Conference.  Diocesan personnel are trained in these protocols.  The following are the Right Relations contact persons who have been named for the Diocese of Mendi:

Western Deanery

Father Paul Patlo, OFM Cap.
Sister Mary Norbert, MSC

Eastern & Central Deaneries

Fr Rober Gigmai
Sister Monica Pia, FSDP

Anyone with knowledge of possible violations of the Right Relations protocols should immediately contact the above mentioned people.  If a crime is suspected, then the civil authorities should be contacted.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 22:28

Family Life

Written by

The mandate of the Family Life Secretariat is to promote and assist Catholic Family life in the Diocese of Mendi.  This is coordinated with the Family Life Secretary who is assisted by Family Life Teams that are established in all the parishes.  The Family Life Secretariat works with the Caritas Secretariat in promoting the protection of children.  It also is involved with programs of awareness and action against domestic violence.  Family prayer is encouraged as an important way of bringing the family together, following the well known saying, "The family that prays together, stays together."

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